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I am a game developer, software architect, and enthusiast of all things programming. I enjoy designing large systems and tackling complex problems as well as spending the occasional weekend building joke apps and game jam games. I have a passion for quality, efficiency, elegance, and standards in coding, which I see as just as much an art as a science—except much more fun than either of those usually are.

I graduated from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs with a Bachelor of Innovation in Game Design and Development in May 2017. I spent the second half of my time at the university as a teaching assistant for the game design program, during which time I gained a reputation as the guy who would and could code anything. I believe that perhaps the most important ability of a great programmer is an ability to learn on your own and on the fly—to shake off the limiting “I haven’t done it, so I can’t do it” mindset.

I am blessed to live and work in the beautiful Colorado Springs, CO.


Email: ashertuggle@gmail.com

Phone: 719-201-4802



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